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Programs by School

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Programs by School


School of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Electronic and Information Engineering

Communication Engineering


Electrical Engineering and Automation

Machinery Design & Manufacture

Vehicle Engineering

Associated Degree

Electromechanical Technology

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

Electric Autoimmunization

CNC technology


School of Civil Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Civil Engineering

Packaging Engineering

Printing Engineering

Associated Degree

Engineering Cost

Architectural Engineering Technology

Building Decoration Engineering


School of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Computing Science

Computer Science and Technology

Associated Degree

Computer Application Technology

Communication Technology

Information Security Technology

Animation Design and Production


School of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Applied Chemistry

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Environmental Sciences

Biological Engineering


School of Nursing

Associated Degree



School of Economics and Management

Bachelor’s Degree

Trade Economics

Tourism Management

Political Science and Public Administration

Associated Degree

Electronic Commerce

Computerized Accounting

International Trade Affairs

Marketing Management

Tourism Management

Logistics Management


School of Liberal Arts

Bachelor’s Degree

Chinese Language and Literature

Chinese International Education


Associated Degree


Journalism and Communication


School of Foreign Languages

Bachelor’s Degree




Associated Degree

Applied English

Applied Japanese

Applied Korean


School of Art

Bachelor’s Degree

Fine Arts (Chinese Calligraphy)

Environment Design

Visual Communication Design

Product Design

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