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  • [Academic Programs] Programs by School Time:2018-05-15 16:38:36 Hot:323

    School of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering Bachelors Degree Electronic and Information Engineering C ommunication E ngineering A utomation Electrical Engineering and Automation Machinery Design Manufacture Vehicle Engineering Associated...

  • [Qilu Culture] Qilu Culture Time:2018-05-15 16:09:07 Hot:193

    Qilu Institute of Technology (QIT) is a four-year institute approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Located in Shandong Province which is the center of Qilu culture and nurtured by the rich cultural deposits, QIT is now developed in...

  • [Study Abroad] Study Abroad Time:2016-09-29 06:42:07 Hot:269

    QIT provides opportunities for the students who want to study abroad. By now we have established exchange and cooperation programs with 37 universities and institutions in different countries and regions such as America, Austria, Germany,...

  • [END Education Model] Enterprise Need-Driven Education Model Time:2016-07-15 07:48:43 Hot:216

    We are committed to serving the community and the society by providing education and training demanded by a competitive job market, leading to exciting opportunities for graduates. We creatively adopt the enterprise need-driven educational...

  • [Certificate Programs] What is a Certificate? Time:2014-07-24 13:06:48 Hot:275

    A certificate is a non-degree program designed to provide students with specialized knowledge that is less extensive than, and different from, a degree program. A certificate from QIT demonstrates that you have completed a planned, sequent...

  • [Certificate Programs] Certificates for QIT and Non-Degree Students Time:2014-07-24 13:06:16 Hot:265

    l The following programs are authorized by the Ministry of Health (MOH). 1.Prosthodontics 2.Maternity And Child Care 3.Nursing 4.Sanitary Inspection 5.Pharmaceutics of Chinese Medicinal Herbs 6.Pharmaceutics l The following programs...

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