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Economics and Management Training Center

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  Economics and Management Training Center offers international business training room, ERP and business documents training room, sandbox laboratory, case training room, physical and business etiquette training room, and computerized accounting training room.

  Economics and Management Training Center is equipped with 120 computers, three servers, two optoelectronic integrated dynamic logistics sandboxes which are installed a complete UF entrepreneurs analog sandbox system, UF CRM software system, UF computerized accounting systems, and Logics international trade software systems, etc.. Using modern computer network technology, the center has built the B/S structure, so that all training project can achieve network sharing. Using software integration processing and sharing mechanisms, the relevant training projects are integrated in space and workflow, forming an integrated experimental training platform of teaching, learning and practicing.

  The center includes:

l          Cases Laboratory

l          Econometric and ERP Laboratory

l          Sandbox Laboratory

l          International Business Laboratory

l          Business Etiquette Laboratory

l          Hotel Training Center



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