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Nursing Training Center

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  Nursing Training Center is a on-campus training base for the practice teaching of Nursing majors. It mainly serves for the on-campus experimental teaching tasks for courses such as foundation medicine, fundamental nursing, health assessment, nursing of internal medicine, surgical nursing, gynecological nursing, pediatric nursing, acute and critical care nursing, rehabilitation nursing, etc.. Cooperating with the local labor and social security departments, we jointly organize the training and verification of professional technical ability of Nursery Teacher, Dietician and Caregiver.

  The Nursing Training Center includes six functional zones, namely, Basic Medical Experiments Zone, Basic Nursing Skills Training Zone, Clinical Nursing Skills Training Zone, Health Assessment Skills Training Zone, Rehabilitation Nursing Training Zone, as well as Nurses’ Etiquette Training Zone and a total of 35 laboratories.

    Basic Medical Experiments Zone contains four anatomy laboratories, four functional laboratories, and four morphological laboratories.

    Basic Nursing Skills Training Zone includes two multimedia shows classrooms, four analog wards, one basic operating room, one nurses station, one treatment room, and two preparation rooms.

    Clinical Nursing Skills Training Zone has one newborn bath room, one midwifery lab, one simulated operating room, and two emergency and severe disease laboratories.

    Assessment Skills Training Zone has one physical lab, and one cardiopulmonary auscultation laboratory.

    Rehabilitation Nursing Training Zone contains one physical therapy lab and one occupational therapy laboratory.


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