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The institute houses a range of facilities essential for an all-round campus experience, such as modern library, tennis courts, sports fields, and many appealing places for individual study. Advanced and complete teaching facilities provide a reliable guarantee for teaching, and supply a good learning environment for students.

This institute, with two campuses in Jinan and Qufu City, covers a area of 329 acres and the gross area of school buildings is over 370,000 square meters. The total assets on instruments and equipment of teaching and research is 136 million CNY. The library holds a collection of 1151000 volumes, 670,000 electronic books, 1182 kinds of newspapers and periodicals as well as 5136 kinds of electronic periodicals. 

In order to meet the needs of practical teaching, there are totally 15 on-campus engineering training centers experimental teaching centers: Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Civil Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Electrics and Information Experimental Teaching Center, Chemical and Biological Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Vehicle Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Nursing Experimental Teaching Center, Preclinical Medicine Experimental Teaching Center, Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Center, Computer Experimental Teaching Center (2), Art & Design Experimental Teaching Center, Language Training Center (2), Journalism and Communications Experimental Teaching Center, and Calligraphy Experimental Teaching Center. The total number of laboratories and practice bases is 179. It also has built 328 off-campus practical training and employment bases to provide students with good internships platforms.

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