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About Us

  Nursing is the perfect combination of science and art. Nursing is a holy cause. The Shool of Nursing (QIT), with a diverse community of clinicians and scholars, provides each of its students a opportunity to learn, lead and discover in this rapidly developing and challenging discipline. The School offers associate degree program in nursing. Recently, the nursing program has been rated as the Provincial Specialty of Shandong by Shandong Provincial Education Department.


  The mission of the Shool of Nursing (QIT) is to educate advanced practitioners with a strong sense of professionalism, social responsibility, who acquire specialized knowledge and expertise in the field of nursing and meet the position requirements of clinical and community health care services.


  To build a school of application-oriented teaching by paying close attention to teaching, research, discipline construction.

  To develop the academic program to the national leading level.

  To provide high quality education as a foundation for lifelong learning and professional careers in nursing and the broader health care enterprise.


  Our faculty is nationally renowned for their leadership, practice expertise and research. Many are professionally engaged in community practices that ground them in the front-line health care challenges and insights of our time. We also invited Chen Merihua, the wonner of the 41th Nightingale Medal as our honorary Dean.


  The school has Basic Medical Experimental Center and Nursing Training Center. Basic Medical Experimental Center has 28 functional laboratories such as anatomy labs, morphology labs,  ergology labs, etc.. The Nursing Training Center is well equipped which contains 23 training rooms such as multimedia demonstrative classrooms, wards, ICU, delivery rooms, operating rooms and baby rooms etc.. The multifunctional medical patient simulator, CPR simulator, open multifunctional electronic basic nursing assistant teaching system, the on-line emergency system and other equipments in our school are in the leading position in the field of China’s medical education.


  By now, the school has established a stable and cooperative relations with more than 50 teaching hospitals in China, including 28 Top three hospitals, such as China Meitan General Hospital, 306 Hospital , 309 Hospital, General Hospital of PLA Armed Police , Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital, etc..



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