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School of Nursing
  • [Degree Offering] Undergraduate Program-- Rehabilitation Therapeutics Time:2018-05-15 15:44:19 Hot:132

    This program aims to cultivate talents who have basic knowledge of basic medicine and clinical medicine and have the abilities in applying the basic theory and skills of rehabilitation therapeutics in practice. Students majoring in rehabil...

  • [Degree Offering] Nursing Time:2014-08-06 13:04:36 Hot:167

    Associated Program-- Nursing According to the requirements of modern medical model, this program aims to cultivate application-oriented talents with knowledge in humanities and social sciences, medicine, prevention and healthcare, nursing...

  • [About Us] School of Nursing Time:2014-08-06 13:03:55 Hot:404

    Nursing is the perfect combination of science and art. Nursing is a holy cause. The Shool of Nursing (QIT), with a diverse community of clinicians and scholars, provides each of its students a opportunity to learn, lead and discover in thi...

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