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  • [Degree Offering] Journalism Time:2014-07-25 11:54:21 Hot:100

    Undergraduate Program-- Journalism Journalism is the applied social science of the formation, development and basic rules of dissemination activities in human society. This program aims to cultivate talents with systematic knowledge and sk...

  • [Degree Offering] Chinese Language and Literature Time:2014-07-25 11:54:07 Hot:77

    Undergraduate Program-- Chinese Language and Literature This program aims to cultivate talents with basic knowledge of Chinese language and literature as well as scientific way of thinking, strong ability to analyze and solve problems. The...

  • [Degree Offering] Chinese International Education Time:2014-07-25 11:53:53 Hot:71

    Undergraduate Program-- Chinese International Education This program aims to cultivate talents with systematic, solid basic theoretical knowledge and skills in Chinese language and literature, but also has cross-cultural communication theo...

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