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School of Liberal Arts

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About Us

 The School of Liberal Arts (QIT) supports as a home to undergraduate programs in Chinese Language, Chinese International Education and Journalism, and provides students with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery.

  The School of Liberal Arts (QIT) has always adhered to the student-centered philosophy, firmly established a training goal of senior applied talents with innovative spirit and practical ability. It aims to, guided by the modern educational philosophy, cultivate students’ learning ability, innovation ability, practical ability, communication skills and social adaptability. The overall of curriculum reform of School of Liberal Arts is to strengthening public basic course teaching, deepen the professional courses teaching and management as well as optimize professional electives.



   Faculty in the School are strongly committed to teaching and to their students’ learning. They try to create a good learning and academic atmosphere for students. The study of students are divided into three aspects, namely “First Class” which lays the foundation for professional courses, “Second Class” which broadens their horizons and develop their hobbies through cultural and sports activities, and “Third Class” which cultivates students’ healthy personality. Your liberal arts education will help you develop skills you’ll use throughout your career: the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, the ability to use a variety of methodologies to understand our changing world, and a broad base of diverse knowledge.



  The school is proud of its alumni. By now, the alumni body is over 4,000. They have gone on to become teachers, government officials, writers, editors, TV producers, CEOs, etc.. 


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