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About us

  School of Arts (QIT) is a comprehensive school of arts including fine arts (Chinese calligraphy), environment design, visual communication design and product design. The School was founded in 2009.



  The school has a Artistic Designing Training Center which includes Visual Communication Lab,  plastic arts lab, digital art lab, and another four calligraphy and painting training rooms that can accommodate more than 100 students. It also has practice teaching bases in Linyi City and Zibo City for customary practice investigating and live-drawing activity.



  We are proud that we are student oriented. The provincially and nationally recognized faculty in the School of Arts (QIT) are working professionals who cultivate academic and creative excellence. They love and trust their students and are committed to create a learning environment which inspires the students to explore and innovate. As an student in School of Arts (QIT), you will find yourself.



  The school now have 900 undergraduate students. We are also proud of them. In recent years, they have owned prizes in the Art and Design Contest of Shandong Province and College Calligraphy Contest of Shandong Province. Four students have members of Shandong Provincial Calligraphers Association. Our alumni are successful. They have used their degrees not only to make a living, but they make a life through the discipline and beauty that the arts entail.


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