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School of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering

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About Us

  The School of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering is a department in Qilu Institute of Technology which aims to cultivate application-oriented talents with innovative spirit and practical ability. The school believes in cultivating each students’ creativity and practical ability by providing a number of inclusive curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities. Now it has six undergraduate programs (Electronic and Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Machinery Design & Manufacture, and Vehicle Engineering) and four associated degree programs (Electromechanical Technology, Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance, Electric Autoimmunization, and CNC technology).

  Students and staff at the School of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering have access to some of the best and most up-to-date facilities for training and development, with numerous general-purpose and specialized laboratories. At present it has three training centers : Electrics and Information Engineering Training Center, Mechatronics Engineering Training Center and Vehicle Engineering Training Center. The School is also active in cooperating with our industry partners. By now we have established 14 off-campus internship bases to provide students real world experiences.

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