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School of Computer Science and Information Engineering

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About Us

  The School of Computer Science and Information Engineering is QIT’s earliest founded and most industry-focused program providers, as well as a center for research and teaching in all areas related to computing, computers and communications. The school combines three programs: computer science and technology, information and computer science and mathematics and applied mathematics.

   Our faculty, who have always placed students at the core of their educational mission and striven for excellence in research, provide students with top quality education in engineering and computer science, preparing them to fully to meet the ever-changing needs of society, and to continue learning their discipline.

  We strive to provide a learning environment that promotes innovation, ethical practice and responsibility towards society. In order to fully meet the needs of practical learning and internship, we have built, in the millions of yuan, two cutting-edge training centers and many off-campus practice teaching bases.Enjoying excellent relationships with many local companies, we have developed many enterprise need-driven education programs for the students. 

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