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School of Civil Engineering

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About Us


   The School of Civil Engineering is one of the strongest departments in Qilu Institute of Technology. At present the school has three undergraduate programs (civil engineering, packaging engineering and printing engineering) and two associated degree programs (architectural engineering technology, and construction project costs). The school is a leading provider of civil engineering teaching and research, attracting academic staff, researchers and students from around China.



   The Civil Engineering Training Center which belongs to the school contains 11 laboratories.

The instruments and equipment which cost nearly three million yuan, are able to meet the needs of experimental teaching tasks in the field of measurements, architectural decoration, building materials, construction mechanics, structural mechanics and so on. In addition, the school has actively cooperated with enterprises, establishing a number of off-campus internship bases.

   The mission of the school is to educate our students to prepare for careers in which they can contribute positively in the field of civil engineering. Our alumni can be found all over China, working at all levels of government and industry.


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