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QIT Held 2021 Opening Ceremony

Time:2021-09-30 08:57 Hot:

On September 17 and 20, the opening ceremonies of 2021 were held in Qufu and Jinan campuses respectively. The leaders who attended the ceremony and took seats at the podium were: Song Chengxiang, former deputy director of Shandong Provincial Education Department, Professor Wang Yanbi, former president of Shandong Medical University, Professor Fang Hongjian, former deputy secretary of Shandong University, Professor Fu Yongju, former president of Qufu Normal University, Chang Cuiming, chairman and president of Qilu Institute of Technology, Xiang Laisheng, secretary of the Party Committee, and other leaders of the university, instructors of the military training corps, and heads of teaching units and departments. Teachers' representatives and all freshmen of Class 2021 attended the ceremony.


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