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QIT in Action to Fight Super Typhoon Lekima

Time:2019-08-10 08:36 Hot:

Affected by the typhoon Lekima, from August 10th, Zhangqiu has consecutive days of rainfall, Xianggongzhuang village and Diao village were surrounded by floods, which seriously threatened the lives and property of the people in the disaster area. The entire Zhangqiu was put into the battle against the Lekima. The disaster of Zhangqiu affects the hearts of all the teachers and students of QIT. QIT has always paid close attention to the disaster. After learning about the shortage of materials in the disaster area, QIT immediately took action and devoted itself to the work of flood relief. On August 13, Vice President Chen Yueji of QIT, Minister of Organization Li Dahua, Chairman of the Labor Union Zhao Qingyong, and Director of the Office of the President Han Yancui led some teachers and student volunteers to deliver the flashlight, raincoat, disinfectant, and mosquito repellent to the disaster area.



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