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Delegation of Paderborn University visited QIT

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On June 7th, Academic Director Wolfgang Bremser and Academic Deputy Director of Paderborn University, Zhong Junwei, visited QIT. The President of QIT, Chang Cuiming, Vice President of QIT, Shan Chengjuan, Director of the Office of International Exchanges and Cooperation, Sun Keke, and Director of the School Office, Han Yancui, attended the welcoming ceremony.

During the meeting, president Chang Cuiming warmly welcomed the arrival of Academic director Wolfgang Bremsere and his colleagues. Paderborn University is a famous Germany university with a long academic history and rich experience in computer and mechanical fields. President Chang hoped to establish a long-term partnership with Paderborn University in joint training, mutual visits, and cooperation in scientific research. Shan Chengjuan introduced the achievements of international education cooperation in recent years of QIT. She expressed the hope that after this visit, the two universities can deepen friendship, actively explore channels for cooperation, and jointly provide strong support for the academic and professional development of students.

Wolfgang Bremser expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality of QIT. He stated that Paderborn University appreciates the work QIT do in international education. After briefly introducing the basic situation of the University of Paderborn in Germany, he stated that he personally has a great interest in the Confucius culture and Chinese calligraphy. He also hopes to strengthen long-term cooperation with QIT, especially in scientific research and teaching. Afterward, the two sides discussed specific issues concerning the teaching and management of undergraduate cooperation projects organized by QIT and Paderborn University and signed cooperation agreements.Than they conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation orientations such as the establishment of disciplines and the joint training of teachers.

After the meeting, the delegation of Paderborn University visited the experimental teaching centers accompanied by Sun Keke, Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation. The delegation highly appreciated the development and the achievements QIT made in recent years.



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