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QIT and Oracle (China) Cooperates on Industrial Talent Base

Time:2018-03-14 16:56 Hot:

On March 14th, the Symposium on the cooperation of Industrial Talent Base between QIT and Oracle (China) was held on Jinan campus. Mr. Cheng Xing, General Manager of Oracle (China) Industrial Talent Base, Professor Wei Xiqi, Vice School Inspector of QIT and Vice President Yang Yiting, Dean of School of Computing Science and Information Engineering, etc. attended the meeting. Yang Sheng Dang, Director of the Center of Employment, Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosted the meeting.

This seminar focused on the "double-qualified teacher team construction, school-enterprise co-editing teaching materials, personnel training, laboratory construction",etc. Wei Xiqi delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the President. He thanked Oracle (China) for their strong support of QIT. QIT will strengthen cooperation with the base around the application-oriented personnel training and professional co-construction. Yang Yiting introduced the progress of professional co-construction, stressing that through this symposium both parties would achieve a win-win situation. Cheng Xing made a related introduction to Oracle (China) Talent Industrial Base and pointed out that it would fully support the development of the professional co-construction of Qilu Institute of Technology.

At the meeting, the two parties reached a consensus on "the compilation of teaching materials, the exchange of teachers, the development of lectures, the research and development of projects, as well as the construction of laboratories". They also conducted in-depth discussions on laboratory construction. The newly-built big data laboratory would be renovated in April. It is expected that the laboratory will be put into use in September.



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