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QITers Win First Prize in BIM Project Competition

Time:2017-06-12 18:21 Hot:

 On the Third National College Student BIM Graduation Project Competition held in Beijing University of Technology in June 10th, OIT students of School of Civil Engineering, with the project “BIM-based Bid Preparation of the Science and Technology Museum of Zibo Cultural Center”, won the First Prize.

This competition was jointly organized by the China Architecture Society Construction Branch and the Guangdong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.. A total of more than 1,600 teams from over 500 institutions of higher education nationwide participated in this competition. From October 2016 to June 2017, it lasted for nearly 9 months.

The competition this year is a successful exploration of new technology, which deepens the school-enterprise cooperation, effectively improves the ability of college students to contact engineering practice, and enhances QIT’s influence of BIM technology application among other colleges and universities.



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