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QIT Teachers Get Two State Intellectual Property Patent Licenses

Time:2016-08-16 16:55 Hot:

Recently, teachers from QIT made progress in scientific research. Professor Liu Enchao and Ding Hailing got state intellectual property patent licenses respectively on their designs “A Civil Engineering Measuring Instrument with Bracket” and “A Kind of Onset Dialysis Care and Treatment”. This accomplishment represents the hard work and innovation of our staff.


For a long time, QIT attaches great importance to scientific research work, constantly set up systematic scientific research system, improve the system of scientific research, strengthen scientific research base and encourage teachers to improve teaching level at the same time. QIT carries out scientific research projects, scientific research, participates in the high-level design competition and high level of academic exchanges. At the same time, through a series of incentives for scientific research, QIT improves teachers’ scientific research enthusiasm, promotes the teaching quality on the steps, effectively stimulates the development of school discipline characteristic and the scientific research level.



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