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QIT Held Farewell Meeting for Volunteers in Xinjiang and Tibet Service Program

Time:2016-07-20 16:57 Hot:

On July 18th, QIT held a farewell meeting for three graduate volunteers—Sun Jianxun, Yan Shoucai and Yang Zhirui in Xinjiang and Tibet Service Program. Deputy Secretary Su Zhanbing, President Assistant Han Yanshun, vice dean of secondary school, some teachers from innovative employment guidance center and students attended the meeting, which was held by director of college office Sun Xiangyang.

At the meeting, Yu Qiong from innovative employment guidance center made a brief speech on the recruitment of graduates for this year.

Afterwards, school leaders awarded souvenir to three volunteers and took photos together.

At the meeting, Sun Jianxun spoke on behalf of the volunteers. He expressed their sincere thanks to the cultivation of QIT. Representing the volunteers, he said they would fear no setbacks, never give up, and be confidence to face a variety of hardships. Teacher representative Liu Shuhua encouraged them to be brave and hard-working and win honor for QIT.


Deputy Secretary Su Zhanbing expressed his congratulations to the three volunteers who would go to Xinjiang and put forward the hope to them: First, adapting to the environment as soon as possible so that their families and the institute would be assured; second, be hard-working and improve themselves; third, be modest and learn from others; fourth, be ready to make dedication.




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