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Vice President of Box Hill Institute Visit QIT

Time:2016-06-24 17:03 Hot:

   On June 22nd, John Qiu, vice president of Box Hill Institute visited QIT. Professor Song Huanxin, former Chairman of University Council of Qufu Normal University, along with Chang Cuiming, President of QIT and Yang Yiting and Shan Chengjuan, Vice President,  and other related officials from the Institute Office, School of International Education and School of Nursing met with the guest.

During the meeting, Chang extended a warm welcome to John Qiu’s visit and introduced in detail the educational philosophy, educational scale, the construction of teaching staff as well as professional settings of QIT. She said there were many similarities in the educational philosophy and professional settings between QIT and Box Hill Institute, which laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation. On the basis of the existing cooperation and further communication and cooperation are expected. 

John Qiu expressed he had three purposes for this visit: first, to extend his thanks to QIT for our careful and elaborate arrangement and care during the visit of the Box Hill Institute study tour; second, to promote the construction of disciplines; third, to build up profound friendship between students and teachers from two colleges.

The two sides then carried on detailed communication on teacher training, foreign experts introduction, exchange of faculty and students and details of project.

After the meeting, John Qiu visited the experimental training center and lab building and learned more about the construction of the laboratory, conditions and gave full affirmation and praise to QIT.

In 2015, QIT and Box Hill Institute signed MOU and reached mutual consensus on credits transfer and joint degree programs. In the future, the two sides will establish comprehensive strategic partnership to promote international education cooperation.




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