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QIT Held 2016 Graduation and Degree-granting Ceremony

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On June 22nd, the 2016 graduation and degree-granting ceremony were held in QIT. Professor Ma Donghua, Chairman of University Council and Vice president of Qufu Normal University, Professor Chen Lianbi, the director of Academic Degrees Committee of QIT and doctoral tutor chairwoman, Professor Chang Cuiming, Chairperson of Board of Trustees and President and other directors of the Academic Degrees Committee attended the ceremony which was presided by Wei Xingli Vice Chairman of University Council.

The ceremony began with the majestic national anthem. Professor Ma Donghua, Chairman of University Council and Vice president of Qufu Normal University, showed his ardent University. He pointed that QNU and QIT had deep friendship. He gave his best wishes to the graduates and urged them to continue to learn knowledge and skills after graduation and always maintain a strong thirst for knowledge and innovation. He wished students to create their own piece of sky with their dreams and expectations and add glory to the Alma Mater.

Afterward, Vice Chairman of University Council, Su Zhanbing announced the name lists of Provincial outstanding graduates. Vice president of Qilu Institute of Technology, Zhang Gengling announced the names of graduates who would get their Bachelor’s Degrees in 2016. Graduate Fu Liping, Zhai Xinyue and Prof. Qin Guohua, Wang Huaiyou made a statement on behalf of all graduates and staff members.

Kong Xianfu, Vice president, made an speech and showed his ardent congratulations to all graduates. He expressed his hearty thanks to all hard-working teachers and supportive parents. And he put forward some hope to graduates: first, graduates should complain less after entering into the society; second, they should be more diligent instead of being lazy; third, be more innovative; last, be more practical. QIT is the harbor which they could rely for their whole life. He hopes the 2016 graduates bear in mind the entrustment of Alma Mater and create splendid life.

With the cheerful music, Academic Degrees Committee members of QIT awarded degree certificates and move the tassels for the graduates.


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