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Goodbye, PTU Students !

Time:2015-07-22 15:07 Hot:

On July 21st , the delegation of 24 Pyongtaek University students finished their study and left QIT. Through the one-month study tour, Pyongtaek University students have improved their Chinese and also learned more about Chinese traditional folk culture.

The First Chinese Class


Chinese ancient poery, Peking opera-- all we want is to let you find the beauty of Chinese.


The First Tai Chi Class


“Overcoming firmness by gentleness.”-- Have you understand the profound meaning of Chinese Tai Chi?


The Calligraphy Class


Square Word Calligraphy-- one of the reasons that fostered ancient Chinese civilization remain alive until now. Have you found the cultural implication of Chinese calligraphy?


Visits to the Hometown of Confucius and Mount Tai 


You have only read about China in books, but you haven’t see the beautiful rivers and mountains of China by yourselves. Do you love China much more after the visits?



Closing Ceremony


Time flies! The Study tour came to the end finally. May you always remember the time in QIT! May the friendship between QIT and PTU last forever!




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