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QIT Made Speech as Representative of Chinese Private University in Educational Assistance to Tibet

Time:2018-04-08 16:13 Hot:

On March 27th, the update meeting of educational assistance to Tibet of private university was held in Beijing. Xiehuan Zhong, Director of  Planning and Development Division at the Ministry of Education, Guo Chunming, the Deputy Director, presidents of 33 private universities and 17 vocational secondary schools attend the meeting.

In the meeting, Chang Cuiming, on behalf of the 33 private universities offering partner assistance, made a speech entitled “To make an even slightest effort for mutual development”. She introduced the assistance work of QIT in Huangnan Prefecture Vocational and Technical School science June, 2014. Until now, QIT has donated 3.14 million RMB in the construction of experimental training centers and library, and teacher training. In addition, it also send two branches of education-supporting teachers to Huangnan Prefecture Vocational and Technical School. 

Afterwards, Duojie Lengzhi, president of Huangnan Prefecture Vocational and Technical School delivered a speech. He reported on the  construction of training center and the basic situation of the supporting-education project. President Duojie Lengzhi said QIT’s assistance improved the conditions of school running but also ensured the human resources of the school. QIT’s efforts had injected new energy into the modern vocational education of Huangnan Prefecture and greatly improved the school-running level of Huangnan Prefecture.At last, Lu Xin, Vice minister Ministry of Education, affirmed those achievements and expressed his thanks to QIT. Then he raised some requests for the next-stage assistance work.




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