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Education Bureau of Huangnan Prefecture Farewell to QIT Supporting-education Delegation

Time:2015-07-01 16:14 Hot:

--Series Report of Assistance of Qinghai Province (5)

On July 1 st, the second batch of QIT supporting-education teachers Zhang Qian, Li Xiucai, Ding Qingjun, Liu Lu successfully accomplished their supporting-education tasks in Huangnan Prefecture Vocational and Technical School in Qinghai Province. Zhang Haiyuan, the Director of Education Bureau of Huangnan Prefecture and Duojie Lengzhi, the president of Huangnan Prefecture Vocational and Technical School, specially hold a ceremony to say farewell to the Supporting-education delegation. Chang Cuiming, Chairwoman and Acting President of QIT, Vice President Kong Xianfu and Song Jiajin, as well as the representative supporting-education teacher of first batch attend the ceremony.

In the ceremony, Zhang Haiyuan highly praised the teachers of QIT Supporting-education for their high teaching level and dedication spirit. The four teachers were awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Supporting-education Teachers” by the Education Bureau of Huangnan Prefecture.


This supporting-education delegation arrived in Huangnan Prefecture on March 14th. During this semester, the supporting-education delegation undertook the teaching of Nursing, Vehicle Inspection and Repair, Biological Chemistry and other courses. They won the high praises from the leaders, teachers and students of this school.



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