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QIT Assistance Working Group Arrived in Huangnan Prefecture

Time:2015-06-29 16:16 Hot:

--Series Report of Assistance of Qinghai Province (3)

  On June 29 th, the 15-person assistance working group headed by Chang Cuiming, the Chairwoman and Acting President of QIT arrived in Huangnan Prefecture. The assistance working group received warm welcome from Zhang Haiyuan, the Director of Education Bureau of Huangnan Prefecture, Lu Ning, the Deputy Secretary of Faculty Committee and the teachers of Huangnan Prefecture Vocational and Technical School.



The assistance working group first paid a visit to the four supporting-education teachers and then split up to carry out the related work on construction of experimental training centers and library which QIT donated.


Ms. Chang Cuiming headed the group inspected the construction of Nursing Operation Room, Operation Room, Tibetan Medical Room and other labs donated by QIT. The working group adjusted the improper arrangement in those rooms and explained the usage of experimental instruments. The professional technicians offered reasonable suggestions according to the conditions of the library in this school. They rearranged the stack room, adjusted the shelves for the periodicals.


In the evening, Huangnan Prefecture Vocational and Technical School held a celebration gala of Tibetan style for the QIT guests. All the teachers at the gala wish a long-term friendship and mutual development between Qilu Institute of Technology and Huangnan Prefecture Vocational and Technical School.



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