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QIT Held Farewell Meeting for Volunteers in Western Students Volunteer Service Program of 2015

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On July 14th, QIT held a farewell meeting for three student volunteers—Li Dan, Wang Huixiang and Lv Enliang in the Western Students Volunteer Service Program. Deputy Secretary Wang Fengshan, Vice President Chenyue Ji, Director and Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office Liu Jiaying, Zhaoqing Yong, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Zhuzhao Peng and Shi Xue attended the farewell meeting.

On the meeting , Li Dan spoke on behalf of the volunteers. She said, the western project is a platform for college students and also a good opportunity for improving themselves and realizing the value of life. Representing the volunteers, she said they would fear no setbacks, never give up, and be confidence to face a variety of hardships.

Deputy Secretary Wang Fengshan expressed his congratulations to the three volunteers who would go to Xinjiang and put forward four hopes to them: First, adapting to the environment as soon as possible so that their families and the institute would be assured; second, be hard-working and improve themselves; third, be modest and learn from others; fourth, be ready to make dedication.

Three volunteers will depart on July 21st and rushed to Xinjiang for a period of 1 to 2 years of volunteer service.


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