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QIT Students Participate in Volunteer Work of Public Bicycle Launch Ceremony

Time:2015-07-02 16:00 Hot:

On July 2nd, a group of 31 QIT volunteers participated in the work of public bicycle launch ceremony of Zhangqiu City. Shi Xue, deputy secretary of Youth League Committee, led the group. 

The volunteer team of Public Bicycle Launch Ceremony is combined of 90 members of youth commandos from Zhangqiu municipal authorities and 30 QIT students. They mainly explained the significance of the public bicycle system, promoted the concept of green low-carbon travel and give out public bicycle user manual to the public to explain the use of public bicycles and the related site settings, etc..  After the launch ceremony, the volunteers were divided into six groups and served at 100 bicycles sites in Zhangqiu City.





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