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  Qilu Institute of Technology (QIT) is a four-year institute approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Located in Shandong Province which is the center of Qilu culture and nurtured by the rich cultural deposits, QIT is now developed into a comprehensive institute, with its concentration on science and engineering, offering undergraduate programs in diverse fields like science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, management, law, art and pedagogy, etc.. Holding “Giving priority to the students and strengthening the institute with high teaching quality, characteristic school-running and excellent talents” as its mission, “Innovated, Coordinated, Green, Open” as its idea of development, “Advance the Intellect, Explore the truth, Cultivate the Virtue, Strive for Perfection” as its school motto, and “Advocating virtue, courtesy, diligence and innovation” as its school spirit, QIT has fully implemented its functions of personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation ever since its foundation.

Deeply influenced by Confucianism, this institute has been taking Confucius’ words-- to retain curiosity in learning, to teach and never become weary-- as the instructional standard and carries on the strategy of “Strengthening the institute with students-oriented philosophy, high teaching quality, distinguished schooling features and excellent talents”. In Qilu Institute of Technology, you will find a community of citizen scholars who are committed to collaboration, diverse perspectives, community service, respect for sustainability and promotion of civil discourse.


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